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Construction projects can be costly, time-consuming and fraught with legal and regulatory issues. You need someone who knows the industry and has up-to-date knowledge about the ever-changing landscape — a lawyer who knows the rules that apply to your specific situation and who has the skills and experience to help you start with a good contract, then resolve any disputes that may arise during or after your project, without excessive cost.
At the Law Offices of Timothy M. Truax PC, I work hard to help my clients protect their interests. As your attorney, I will help you review, draft and negotiate the contracts for the project. I will also provide you with the crucial advice you need when regulatory issues and legal disputes arise that threaten to diminish your profit on the job. If litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, I will vigorously represent your interests in a cost-effective manner. I have more than 30 years of experience representing clients on all types of construction projects and disputes. I have been recognized by my peers and clients as one of the top construction lawyers in California for many years.

Skilled Mediator And Arbitrator

I also have presided over numerous mediations and arbitrations in complex construction law cases in California. I am on the American Arbitration Association’s list of construction neutrals, and I work with individuals and businesses who need a mediator to help them resolve their construction disputes.

My peers in the industry know I have a deep knowledge of the issues involved in construction law matters. As a neutral arbitrator, I carefully consider these issues and make decisions I feel are both legally correct and fair to those involved. As a mediator, I work tirelessly to help the parties achieve solutions that are in the best interests of all concerned.

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To schedule a consultation with an experienced construction lawyer, please call 310-955-4676 or send me an email using the form provided. I serve clients throughout California, including those in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and San Diego counties, the Inland Empire and Northern California. My office is located in El Segundo, which is centrally located to many of these areas.