Matters Tried

The following are cases Tim Truax has tried to judgment or award. All but the first trial and first two arbitrations were as lead attorney.


  • Joseph Watanabe v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (jury trial; state court)
  • Isaac Construction v. Sumitomo Construction (court trial; state court)
  • Covia Partnership v. Dapper Dan’s Tours & Travel (jury trial; Federal court)
  • Pecoraro Painting v. PCL Construction (court trial; state court)
  • Upper Group v. John Musial (court trial; state court)


  • Dillingham Construction v. Olympic Capital Ventures
  • Murray Plumbing v. Dillingham Construction
  • Tolley-Lowe Painting v. Takenaka International
  • Sure Forming Systems v. Robert E. McKee
  • Newcrest Development v. Dale Poe Development
  • Lockheed Martin v. Alliant Techsystems
  • Kemmis Equipment v. Haskell Canyon Ranch
  • Alexander v. U.S. Home Corp.
  • PCL Construction v. Westgate LLC
  • Leslie v. U.S. Home Corp.
  • John Jory Corp. v. PCL Construction

[Clients listed in bold]